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Chiaiolella beach

The beach

The Beach of Marina di Chiaiolella whose “real” name is Ciracciello today better known as “The beach” , is the longest and frequented by the island of Procida .

Chiaiolella Beach is characterized by a shallow shore and the water is crystal clear therefore ideal for children. With rocky areas and others covered with lush Mediterranean scrub, you can also see the bridge that connects Procida with Vivara and the nearby island of Ischia.

The Chiaiolella beach is characterized by the delimitation from that of Ciraccio by two characteristic tuff stacks.

It is common to see people moving from one beach to another.

Hours of the sun

The sun will rise around 8:30 in the morning in the height of summer. Once there, the hours pass between long walks along the promenade and swimming, now all that remains is to enjoy the view with an aperitif with friends while waiting for the sunset.

How to reach the language

Reachable by bus line L1 / L2 or by taxi.

Bathing facilities

The beach is free, I know there are several bathing establishments, in the surroundings there are several restaurants open for both lunch and dinner.

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