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Ciraccio Beach

The beach

The Spiaggia di Ciraccio is probably the longest beach on the island of Procida .

Characterized by different types of backdrops . It has rocky areas, as well as the Chiaiolella beach, also here you can see the bridge that connects Procida with Vivara and behind the island of Ischia.

The beach is free , but if necessary it is easy to get to the initial part connected to Chiaiolella for beaches, bars and restaurants.

The Beach Ciraccio is characterized by the delimitation from that of Chiaiolella from two characteristic tuff stacks.

It is common to see people moving from one beach to another.

Hours of the sun

The sun will rise around 9:30 am in the height of summer. Once arrived, the hours pass under a timeless sun.

How to reach the language

Reachable by bus line C1 or L1 alternatively by taxi . Being almost in the center of the island starting from one of the extremities it will take about 25-30 minutes on foot.
however, if you are in Chiaiolella it can be easily reached via the beach.

Bathing facilities

The beach is totally free, for those who want equipped beaches, there are more organized beaches nearby.

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