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The beach of Via dei Bagni

The beach

The beach of Via dei Bagni together with the beach of Chiaia is one of the most central beaches on the island, reachable via steps.

The beach is very similar to the Chiaia beach characterized by a very low shore bottom and the water is crystal clear , therefore ideal for children .

The bay of Via dei Bagni is surrounded by a ridge of rock with a splendid view of the small port of Corricella and Terra Murata , even more visible than its counterpart.

The beach of Via dei Bagni is characterized by the delimitation from that Chiaia with volcanic boulders that can be easily traveled to change the beach.

Hours of the sun

The sun here too rise early around 8:00 in the morning. Once arrived, the hours pass in total relaxation, to remember that on this beach the sun does not set and you see it leave already around 16:00 in the afternoon even in midsummer (it lasts a little longer than Chiaia).

How to reach the language

Reachable by bus line L1 / L2 / C2 or on foot about 20 minutes from the port.

Bathing establishments

The beach is free, there is a bathing establishment and a bar for a stay in complete comfort.

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