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The Lingua beach

Where is the beach

The Lingua beach is like the Silurenza beach, also this is very convenient for those who stop for a day, allowing you to enjoy a bit of tranquility while still being a few steps from the center.

Bathing facilities

The beach is free but there is a solarium for aperitifs and comforts such as sunbeds and umbrellas.


Hours of the sun

In the height of summer the sun will rise around 10:00 in the morning, while in the early afternoon there will be mostly shade.


How to reach the language

Being one of the two beaches of the port of Procida, the Lingua is easily reachable on foot, giving a short walk to the Marina Grande, you will find yourself admiring some historical structures, such as the crenellated Palazzo and the Sancio Cattolico square.


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