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The Postino beach on the island of Procida

The beach

The beach of Pozzo Vecchio or better known as The Postino Beach thanks to Massimo Troisi for his 1994 film, still very popular today.

The bay is surrounded by vegetation, cliffs, coves and caves that are visible from both the beach and the sea and can be reached by swimming. The water is crystal clear and the shallow shore creates a splendid contrast with a dark-colored sand, making the Postino beach a place full of colors, giving the eyes a unique game of contrasts and an even more pleasant stay.

Telling in words what the Pozzo Vecchio bay can transmit to you and the memories it can evoke is not easy so I leave you with a quote from the film (Il postino): “When you explain it, poetry becomes banal. Better than explanations, it is the direct experience of emotions that can explain poetry to a soul willing to understand it “.

Hours of the sun

The sun begins to rise behind the mountain around 10 am in the first part of the beach, and then covers the rest around 11-11: 30. Once lying in the sun, the hours pass slowly between long baths, romantic walks and a chat with friends waiting for the sunset, giving them unique colors.

How to reach the language

Reachable by bus line C1 or on foot about 20 minutes from the port of Procida.

Bathing facilities

The beach is mostly free, there is a bathing establishment for those wishing to stop in comfort.

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