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The Chiaiolella Marina

Once loved by royalty ...

The Marina di Chiaiolella, today is one of the most coveted places on the island of Procida for a landscape that offers a splendid sunset on the seafront.

Originally one of the areas where there was a strong agricultural development due to the preseza of marshes.

The Chiaiolella church was built in the nineteenth century and various renovations expanded and refurbished it, since 1841 it has been dedicated to San Giuseppe. It has a Latin cross structure with a single nave and small side chapels.



On the main altar there is a marble aedicule in which the statue of the patron saint St. Joseph of the eighteenth century is placed, at the top of which there is a shell with the inscription ITE AD JOSEPH. The dome and the bell tower date back to the 19th century and stand out among the town of Marina Chiaiolella. Of particular importance are the canvases present.

How to reach Chiaiolella

Reachable by bus L1 / L2 or by taxi.
It is also advisable to reach it by bike, from the port it takes about 25-30 min.

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