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Procida, where is it?

Also known as the Island of Arturo or Elsa Morante it is located in the Gulf of Naples and, together with Ischia, Vivara (with which it is connected by a bridge) and Nisida, is part of the Flegrean Islands and together with Capri, which is about 30 kilometers away, make up the Campano Archipelago (or Neapolitan).

Procida still has the charm of the seaside village, where especially in Corricella it is possible to admire the colorful houses that are reflected on the sea and which have been the backdrop to numerous films, from Il postino with Troisi to Mr Ripley’s Talent with Matt Damon.

The inhabited center is divided into nine districts: Terra Murata (the oldest village dominated by the former prison), Corricella , which has the appearance of the typical fishing village, Sent’cò with the port of Marina Grande, San Leonardo , Santissima Annunziata , Sant’Antuono , Sant’Antonio and Chiaiolella , Semmarezio .

What to see in Procida, recommended places

Terra Murata

Once the historical and cultural center of the island, today it is one of the first destinations chosen by tourists, ideal for taking panoramic photos, it is literally overlooking the sea at (about 90 meters from the level), and can only be reached via a steep climb from which it is possible to admire a breathtaking view over the whole gulf of Naples. What makes this place special are not only the medieval fortifications and the scenic views, but also the two long-range cannons dating back to the Neapolitan Republic of 1799.

Once you get to the top, you cannot forget to visit the Palazzo d’Avalos (from 1563). In 1830 the building was transformed into a real prison citadel, which was then closed in 1988. Another splendid attraction is certainly the Abbey of San Michele (16th century) where numerous works are preserved of art including a painting depicting St. Michael defeating Satan.

La corricella

When it comes to Procida it is difficult not to say Corricella , it is an ancient fishing village and even today it is easy to meet local people who work near the fishing nets.

Loved by writers, poets and artists, it was chosen by Massimo Troisi for the unforgettable film Il postino , c ‘is also a small square in its name .

The small village is characterized by its colorful houses clearly visible from afar, legend has it that the pastel colors of the houses (pink, yellow, white, blue, orange) were used by local fishermen to recognize their homes from the sea.

The port of Corricella can be reached only from the sea or by stairs , no cars, motorcycles or bicycles. Two are the most used routes to reach the village, the first route (recommended for those coming down from Terra Murata ) located near Piazza dei Martiri follows a steep descent known as San Rocco , near the stairs you can find your way around with a small ice cream shop, tobacconist’s or bar.

Marina Grande

The main port of the island of Procida, you are immediately captured by the charm of the colorful houses and a typical Mediterranean architecture right from the ferry.

The first of the historic buildings of the port is the Palazzo Merlato , a 12th century building that was the summer residence of the king for some time.

Among the most historic and intriguing buildings is the Palazzo Catena, a seventeenth-century building where the terraces and arches surmounted by curved battlements are still visible.

On the other hand, walking along the lively Via Roma up to the small square Sancio Cattolico you can see two religious symbols very dear to Procidan seafarers: the wooden crucifix of 1845 and the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà , whose characteristic baroque bell tower certainly does not go unnoticed.

The islet of Vivara

The islet of Vivara formed about 55,000 years ago looks like a small wild place, untouched by the typical structure of the island.
From a place loved by artisans and hunters, now a favorite with environmentalists and archaeologists. Its highest point is 109 meters and is connected by a bridge.

Since 2002 the island has become a state nature reserve , today the island of Vivara is among the few (if not the only) naturalistic habitat still intact in the Gulf di Napoli , which still today offers spectacular seabeds rich in marine plants, are also an attraction for all lovers of snorkeling and scuba diving.

Things to do in Procida

Visit Graziella’s house

La Graziella is the beautiful and simple young woman from Procida with all the Mediterranean charm. The legend of her comes from the novel by Alphonse de Lamartine and in August in the Festival of the Sea which takes place every year, the most beautiful graziella  is elected (a small beauty contest).

On the second floor of the Palace of Culture (Former conservatory of the orphans) in Terra Murata it is possible to visit the historical reconstruction of Graziella’s house, created by the cultural association “La casa di Graziella with the Municipality of Procida

All the furnishings of the house are dated between 1800 and 1900 but nothing belonged to Graziella . This museum aims to safeguard and pass on the history of Procida to posterity, through the myth of Graziella who lived and died for love.

At the end of the visit, go out onto the terrace with a unique view of the island, the Gulf of Naples, Ischia and Capri, it alone is worth the entrance.

Boat rental

Procida has many beaches to visit, but it also has many points on the coast accessible only by sea.
The Procida boat tour starts from the small port of Chiaiolella or Marina Corricella , during the excursion it is possible to see the islet of Vivara , the bay of Chiaiozza , near a swimming pool carved into the rock, the Scoglio del Cannone , Scoglio di Sant’Anna , Scoglio dello Schiavone and the cave of “Bue Marino ” in Punta Monaci (starting point of the natural arch of the picturesque harbor of Corricella where according to an ancient legend the Bue Marino loved to rest). This is just a hint of the boat tour that you can do accompanied by an aperitif at sunset, book the boat tour and visit the coasts of the island.

Submarine tour

The excursion to the seabed of Procida turns out to be a very educational experience for children, but not only. 24 different habitats have been highlighted according to a study by the Parthenope faculty of Naples. The most spectacular is the coral habitat, which has nothing to envy to the most famous coral reefs of tropical seas, find out all the details and book your dive on the seabed

Rent an e-bike and get around Procida in 1 day

Also known as the island of Elsa Morante it is about 3.7 km² and renting an electric bike to visit Procida and the main places perhaps with stops for a swim or an aperitif is absolutely recommended. The narrow streets of Procida are ideal for circulation on two wheels allowing you to reach the furthest ends such as Marina Grande and Marina Chiaiolella in about 20 minutes, reaching places for an audience more wild such as Solchiaro or Il faro .

Relax on the beaches of Procida

Pozzo Vecchio or Postino beach

Among the best known beaches of Procida there is certainly the beach of Pozzo Vecchio , which became famous for the film of Il Postino by Massimo Troisi . Going down the road that runs alongside the cemetery, characterized by a series of small buildings and domes that recall the typical island architecture, you reach the small and welcoming horseshoe-shaped bay, largely free beach. Here the sand is dark, of volcanic origin.

Once lying in the sun, which on this beach never seems to set, the hours pass slowly in long baths immersed in a natural landscape.

Chiaiolella beach

La Chiaiolella is one of the longest beaches on the island with dark sand and clear water and is ideal for relaxing and ideal for those with children. There are both free beach areas and establishments. From the beach it is possible to see the famous Faraglioni di Procida and from here you can admire a spectacular sunset. A must visit!
Nearby there are several seaside restaurants where you can enjoy excellent Procidan cuisine or enjoy an aperitif with friends.

Chiaia beach

A wide beach surrounded by tuff cliffs, accessible by a staircase of 186 steps, but do not be discouraged, the beach has dark colored sand and crystal clear water where you can see many small fish from the shore, the seabed is very shallow. that you have to walk before the water gets high enough to swim, which makes it ideal for children in this respect. From this beach you can admire Marina di Corricella and Torre Murata the most visited places in Procida.

There is only one convenient lido with beach and restaurant service, we recommend booking in advance.
The free shuttle service by sea that leaves from Corricella, always offered by the establishment, is comfortable and pleasant.



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